Unconcious people don’t want tea…

Us Brits would rather speak to someone on public transport than bring up a discussion of rape or sexual harassment with someone we know. We just don’t talk about sex.

Give them their due, the media has been attempting to engage us, with BBC Three’s ‘Sex On Trial’ getting people to vote on whether giving oral sex to a seemingly unresponsive woman should be classed as rape. Was the act degrading or inhuman, which would violate Article 3 of her fundamental Human Rights? Disappointingly, an uninspiring 33% of the young people on the show told Britain they were unsure – a conclusion people come to all too often. Apparently there are too many murky, grey areas surrounding sexual consent.

However, swap the act of sex to a cup of tea, and ideas of what does and doesn’t constitute sexual consent becomes crystal clear..

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If someone doesn’t want a cup of tea, don’t make them drink it. If someone is unconscious, make sure they’re safe, and don’t make them drink it. If someone drank your tea last time you saw them, but now isn’t in the mood for a cup of tea today, don’t make them drink it.

The video was created for Thames Valley Police, who have recently launched their #ConsentIsEverything drive in a bid to raise awareness and educate people about sexual consent.

Campaigns like this have the potential to challenge perceptions and change the way we look at rape and sexual harassment in our society. And they can do all that without even having to talk about sex!

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Written by Lizzie Smith