It’s the most wonderful time of the year

tumblr_mfl02jWrGV1riae2mo1_500We’ve reached that time of year where we are bombarded with Mariah telling us all she wants for Christmas, emotional John Lewis adverts and we’ve returned from a term at University to parents rushing around to get a turkey on the table and presents under the tree.

While for many Christmas is a time filled with joy (and some frankincense and myrrh), depression does not take a break over the festive season and can make those of us who suffer from it feel all the more isolated.

Each year Christmas comes around, I ask myself why I am not as happy as those around me? I have a loving family and a warm home, but that doesn’t change the nature of my depression. For me, Christmas only brings a heightened sense of failure and hopelessness, allowing the vicious cycle of depression to continue. I am in constant fear of people thinking I am ungrateful for what I have or labeling me a Scrooge.

The message at Christmas is similar to Article 1 of the UNDHR: we should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. With this in mind, I hope people can give more attention to the emotions and mental health of those they are spending Christmas with. Are they a Scrooge? Or is there something much deeper troubling them?

Take a few minutes to consider what act of brotherhood you can do for someone this Christmas. You’d be amazed the impact it can make on someone who feels isolated.